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How Can Counseling Help?

Psychotherapy heals because it offers a private, safe and objective place to express yourself with a person trained to listen with acceptance, understanding and concern. For young children, talking takes the form of play therapy. The "talking cure" has been a part of many cultures since the beginning of time. Talking can validate your concerns, enhance self-awareness and give you perspective. You may feel isolated if you hold your problems internally. The validation and support a trained psychotherapist offers can reduce stress, encourage creative problem solving and help you manage your life challenges. Many people experience emotional and physical relief when they share concerns with a skilled psychotherapist. 

I think self-awareness is probably the most important thing towards being a champion.

Billie Jean King

How Can I Help You?

In order to help you, my most important job is to establish a safe, accepting and collaborative relationship with you. You know best about your concerns; my job is to help you clarify your feelings and your options. When I work with young children, my job is to offer age appropriate ways to connect with your child amd help them identify and constructively express emotions.

Often, there is no one right way to resolve problems. To best help you, my job is to understand and support you within your own context and value system. On the other hand, my job is not to say "unhuh" to everything you say. I am actively involved during each sesson to help you develop insight, perspective, solutions, alternatives and personal coping strategies to best manage current and future life challenges.

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