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What About Substance Abuse and Addiction?

If you or a family member is having problems related to drug, alcohol, or prescription drug use, I can help. I understand that these problems are not a sign that you are "weak" or "bad," but may be occurring because you are doing your best to cope with anxiety, depression, loneliness, high levels of stress, or painful and/or traumatic experiences in your life. This coping mechanism may have slowly and quietly developed into a habit, one that may be difficult for you to face or admit. You may have started to hide your use, minimize when confronted and you may be concerned to see your use has increased

And if someone you love is abusing substances, you may be worried, angry, fearful, disgusted and feeling out of control. You may be having difficulty knowing how to handle the situation and your feelings, especially if children are involved. When a family member is abusing substances, others in the family tend to feel they cannot talk about it, leading to unhealthy patterns of family interaction.

I have extensive experience assessing and treating substance abuse. Education about the disease for the whole family is important, as well as a structured holistic plan of recovery using 12 Step Programs. 

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